Copyright © 2006–2012 by Josef W. Wankerl, All rights reserved.

Dates quickly shows the age, astrological sign, and Chinese Zodiac for contacts in the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad Contacts database. Dates also conveniently displays a list of pending future dates and dates that have recently occurred.

Installation [ $2.99 USD ]

After launching Dates and choosing a contact, tap on the “birthday” item to reveal another page containing the contact’s age and astrological sign. Similarly, tapping on any other contact date (such as “anniversary” or any other custom date) reveals another page containing “Time since” information.

Upcoming & Recents
When an upcoming date is pending, it is shown in the Upcoming tab. Similarly, when a date has already occurred, it moves from the Upcoming tab to the Recents tab. The number of days ahead and past for showing dates is configurable in the Settings. When a date appears in either the Upcoming or Recents tab, tapping on it displays the relevant date information. Tapping on the disclosure button displays information about the contact. (And from the contact page, tapping on any date item then shows the relevant date information too.)

Dates has many customizable settings. The list of contacts shown in Dates is configurable to show all known contacts, or only the contacts that have date information attached to them. After choosing a contact, the contact information displayed can be all known contact information, or only the date information attached to the contact. The “birthday age” and “time since” date formats can be configured to provide their results in various ways (years only, years and months, months only, etc.). The “time until” result format can be configured (years and months and days, months and days, or days only). The “Upcoming” and “Recents” tab bar items can be configured to show a badge indicating how many events are within the “nearby threshold”. The threshold for the number of days to include future and past dates is also changeable.