Address Book Dates
Copyright © 2006–2011 by Josef W. Wankerl, All rights reserved.

Address Book Dates quickly shows the age, astrological sign, and Chinese Zodiac for contacts in the Apple Address Book. Also, it will navigate in iCal to the contact’s birthday and any other custom dates.

Address Book Dates features are also on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: obtain Dates from the App Store.

Download The Plug-In Installer [ Freeware — Universal Binary ]

First, make sure the Address Book is not editing a contact. (This means the “Edit” button at the bottom of the Address Book window is not pressed.)

Next, click on the “birthday” label for a contact to reveal a pop-up menu containing the contact’s age and astrological sign. (Choosing either the age, time until next birthday, sign, or Chinese Zodiac from the menu will not perform any function.) To launch iCal and go to the selected birthday, choose any of the “Go to date in iCal” menu items for the year you want (original year, last year, this year, or next year).

Similarly, clicking on any other contact date (such as “anniversary” or any other custom date) reveals a pop-up menu containing “Time since” and “Go to date in iCal” menu items.

Choosing the “Address Book Dates Preferences…” menu item from either the birthday or dates pop-up menu brings up the Address Book Dates preferences sheet. Individual plug-ins can be disabled, so for example to turn off the Chinese Zodiac for a birthday event, simply turn off the check box next to its name in the plug-in list. Additionally, the “birthday age” and “time since” date formats can be configured to provide their results in various ways (years only, years and months, months only, etc.). Finally, the “time until” result format can be configured (years and months and days, months and days, or days only).

More Address Book Projects
In addition to Address Book Dates, there is other quality Address Book-related software available from third parties:

Address Book Server allows you to share your contacts with others connected to your network or over the internet. Each participants synchronizes their contacts with the server hosted own your own system. Address Book Server supports the full Address Book Schema. The server also provides a friendly web interface which you can use to access your contact details when you not on your Mac. There is even an iPhone client which accesses the contact details on the server directly for when you on the road.